Pukekohe railway station fate still undecided

Source: Auckland Council

Moving Pukekohe’s railway station to a new site could cost as much as $2.7million.

The railway station will have to go when electrification happens because the platform width will be substantially reduced to allow for a new track to keep pace with demand for rail services from the Waikato. 

But efforts to save the station in some form continue and Franklin Local Board asked Auckland Transport to commission a report on costs for reinstating it on a new site with upgrades to meet building codes.

A $15,000 study from GHD Architects put the cost at $2.7million, which did not include purchase or lease of a site.

Franklin Historical Society appealed to the board to investigate options for retaining the station, or parts of it, on or near the platform, and now the board has requested Auckland Transport pay for further investigations.

Developing a solution is estimated at $80,000 – over and above the $15,000 already spent.

Auckland Transport has told the board it is unlikely that a cost-effective design solution can be developed for using parts of the demolished station on the new platform and that the most likely way to achieve the board’s intent is by using parts of the station in nearby areas of Pukekohe.

Board chair Angela Fulljames says just because something is difficult does not mean it should be abandoned.

“It may be that we have to go down the path of saving only parts of the building, but it is still worth looking at. Once we demolish the station it is gone forever.”

Board deputy Andy Baker also favoured further investigations.

“We have a duty to represent the wishes of our community, and a significant number of people wants to see the building saved.

“But we also have a duty to act prudently because we are talking big sums of money. We can’t make an informed decision without all the facts.”