MIL-OSI UK: WATCH: Lloyd Russell-Moyle grabs the mace

Source: Labour List UK

Lloyd Russell-Moyle grabbed the mace tonight in protest at the government pulling the Brexit deal vote.

Speaker John Bercow ordered the backbench Labour MP out of the Commons for the rest of the day.

Russell-Moyle’s move came at the end of a dramatic day in parliament, after Theresa May announced she would be pulling the meaningful vote due to take place on Tuesday.

The gold staff, which represents the authority of the Queen, sits in the chamber while it is in session. MPs cannot vote without it sat on the table of the House.

John McDonnell grabbed the mace in 2009 during a debate on the third runway at Heathrow.

Before him, Michael Heseltine sparked an incident of grave disorder in 1976 when he removed the mace from its place.

The MP for Kemptown and Peacehaven later tweeted to explain his actions:

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