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 Honourable Prime Ministers,

Mrs Morrison,

Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bula Vinaka and Good Morning to you all.
It is a privilege and honour for me this morning to welcome the Honourable Prime Minister of Australia and his lovely wife

This visit by the Honourable Prime Minister carries significant importance for our country in the field of sports and other areas of mutual interest. Our relationship with Australia has been strong and of a long standing when it comes to sports. This has ranged across several sports including some notable matches and exchanges between our two sporting loving countries in rugby union, soccer and cricket over the years.
Honourable Prime Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is no surprise that so many of our players dream towards professional sports in Australia in playing rugby league and rugby union.

This naturally progress to many Fijians proudly wearing the gold and green of their adopted home land. The gentle giant Petero Civoniceva who is also present here this morning is an example of Fiji’s product that represented Australia and may I add, strengthened the Australian rugby league team.

I am reliably informed that the Honourable Prime Minister is a sport minded individual. And takes particular interest in rugby league and I hope this visit may lead to some more Fijians teaming up with “Sharks” in the coming years.

Ladies and gentlemen at the end this event we will have much pleasure in presenting the Honourable Prime Minister with a Fiji Bati jersey. This presentation of Fiji Bati jersy after their win at the last league world cup signifies our commitment and broadening of our sporting relationship with Australia.

On behalf of the Fiji government and its people please allow me to express our gratitude to the Honourable Prime Minister for the kind gesture in launching the program which means a lot to our Fiji Rugby League team and the country.

As part of our continuing assistance program, Australia will also assist the Fiji Netball Team preparation to the Netball World Cup in UK in 2020, and for this we’re truly thankful.

As expressed earlier Honourable Prime Minister we look forward to working closely with your government and sporting institutions of mutual interest in the wider interest of bilateral aid and development.

Ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the government of Fiji and its people I wish the Honourable Prime Minister the best during the rest of this timely visit.

Vinaka vakalevu.

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MIL-OSI Reportage: PMC director reports on historic New Caledonia referendum 30 years on

Source: Pacific Media Centre

Analysis published with permission of PMC

By Craig Major of AUT Communications

Professor David Robie, Director of the Pacific Media Centre in the School of Communication Studies, has been part of the contingent of more than 100 journalists and media academics reporting on and analysing the historic New Caledonian independence referendum in early November. Only 2 out of the 100 were from New Zealand.

David was interviewed by Tokyo TV and other media and had several of his archival photos used in media such as SBS World News because of his specialist knowledge of the 1980s insurrection known locally as “les evenements” that led to the referendum 30 years later.

New Caledonians voted 56% against independence from France while the strong yes vote of 44% (the indigenous Kanaks are in a minority) has opened the door for delicate negotiations and two further referendums in 2020 and 2022.

Professor Robie authored a book in 1989, Blood On Their Banner: Nationalist Struggles in the South Pacific, published by Zed Books in London, which is widely cited today about the period, and a sequel in 2014 Don’t Spoil My beautiful face: Media, Mayhem & Human Rights in the Pacific.

He has also written several articles on the referendum and the events leading up to on Asia Pacific Report.

The Pacific Media Centre has had a busy month with coverage of the Fiji general election on November 14 in collaboration with the University of the South Pacific Journalism programme and also coverage of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in collaboration with EMTV News.

Postgraduate student Sri Krishnamurthi flew to Fiji to report on the election in partnership with USP’s Wansolwara student newspaper as a continuation of his International Journalism Project.

Read David’s articles on the Asia Pacific Report website


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